Mission Statement


HIV is a black and white issue. "It's everybody's problem," says The Black & White Party Founder Charles King, York, PA.


The Vision of The Black and White Party, Inc. is to promote fundraising capacity on a national level for local HIV/AIDS service and support organizations, groups and charities.  The Mission of The Black & White Party, Inc. is to facilitate the production of Black & White Party events. The events are produced by various groups in communities across the nation. Our approach is to foster collaboration between the various communities in an effort to increase the successful outcome of each individual event.


Rationale for the Black & White Party


All across the nation, traditional HIV/AIDS fundraisers - especially Walks and Runs - are closing down or well below historical fundraising capacity.


HIV/AIDS funding on a national, state, and local level is growing more focused on HIV Medical Case Management. Consequently, many complimentary and wrap-around services are going unfunded. These services were historically paid for by Walks and Runs that are now slowing down or disappearing.


HIV is a more treatable disease. Clients are living longer and continue to require financial assistance for HIV, HIV-related medical conditions and the natural medical conditions that occur with aging. The Black & White Party may be the answer to your fundraising needs. The Black & White Party is a celebration of life for all participants - clients whose lives are extended by HIV medicines, stakeholders in your community with a history of fighting HIV, and newcomers to the cause.

Celebrating Life

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